World bank

Seb has worked at the World Bank for the past nine years. He leads a team of professionals who develop reports and analysis for senior management and the Board of Directors. His professional responsibilities make extended leave difficult. The World Bank is therefore an essential partner, since it allows him to dedicate the time necessary for his training, in addition to accommodating his absence to complete his expeditions.


For more than 25 years, Imédia has actively supported the works of the United Way movement in Quebec. More specifically, since 1995, it has organized the « Déjeuner des média » for the benefit of United Way, a philanthropic event for professionals in communication and marketing.

Imédia offers the experience and support of its graphic design and production services to support la Grande Percée’s expeditions: website, newsletter electronic, social media as well as the organization of events and press relations.

In addition, Mr. Michel Audy, President and Founder of Imédia and recipient of the André Mailhot Centraide Prize, awarded to the volunteer of the year and for his philanthropic contribution, will guide la Grande Percée with regard to communication strategy and marketing.

United Way

In addition of being the direct beneficiary of the fundraising campaign generated by La Grande Percée expeditions, Centraide also acts as a key partner.

More specifically, Centraide Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent plays an essential role in the mobilization of all Centraide organizations based in Quebec. It will also play a role in the mobilization of the United Way movement in the rest of Canada and the United States.

In addition, Centraide Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent will develop blog articles about the impact of climate change on poverty as well as manage the online fundraising. The funds generated will be in addition to those coming from the conferences following the North Pole and the South Pole expeditions offered by explorer-mountaineer Sebastien Audy which will be organized and promoted by Centraide with the support of Imedia. Finally, all Centraide organizations will contribute through media coverage through their web platforms in order to promote the expeditions and the fundraising campaign.

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Seb’s club of supporters

Support polar explorer Sebastien Audy to realize his big dream: “Save the planet one adventure at a time”.

In order to finance the expeditions, Seb needs the support of sponsors, citizens and businesses.

The projected accomplishment of this extreme achievement will generate media interest giving the sponsors the opportunity to enhance their brand by associating it with a great humanitarian cause.

By sponsoring an expedition day, citizens (alone or in groups) and businesses can also contribute to the financing of the expeditions. In doing so, they will also support the online fundraiser with the general public to help the United Way / Centraide organizations in our communities counter the harm caused by climate change, which mainly affects the most vulnerable people.

Sponsor an expedition day with friends or colleagues…

A day costs $ 1,000. In return for your contribution, we will include your name on the expedition calendar. In addition, you will receive Seb’s newsletter and real-time photos / videos during the North Pole and South Pole expeditions. You will even be able to communicate directly with Seb if the weekly draw of your name favors you. *

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or introduce us for a presentation to a leader in your organization

One of La Grande Percée team members listed below will be happy to present the sponsorship plan that will best meet your organization’s needs.

Sebastien Audy

Tania Saint-Laurent

Ann Audy 

Michel Audy

Online fundraising

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