La grande percée

Climate change

Natural disasters caused by climate change are on the rise and non-profit organizations are having difficulty helping impacted communities. After a natural disaster, many families find themselves without accommodation, without access to food and drinking water and without access to health care. La Grande Percée’s mission is to encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the great fundraising for the benefit of United Way.

La grande percée

The extreme achievement of La Grande Percée
includes two expeditions :

North Pole (Artic)

Ski expedition to reach the geographic North Pole from the 89th parallel

South Pole (Antarctic)

  • Ski expedition to reach the geographical South Pole
  • Ascent of Mount Vinson (highest peak in Antarctica) which will allow Seb to have completed the ascent of the highest peak on each of the 7 continents

N0 1. Preparatory expedition – completed

Greenland international expedition (May 8 to June 7 2021)

Distance : 1 100 mi (1 650 km)

Weight of the sled : 200lbs / 90kg

Temperature : -22°F (-30°C)

Conditions : Cold climate, crevasses, sastrugis

Main Challenges : Orientation on the ice cap, variability in the strength of the wind

This preparatory adventure contained two significant aspects: the first one being the extremes physical performance, and the second one is by contributing towards scientific research about climate. Also, the expedition has been certified carbon neutral by the organism “we are neutral.”

As they cross Greenland from South to North, the explorers collected snow samples every morning and night to bring back to the research team from University of Copenhagen leading research on climate change. This expedition was sponsored by the Scientific Exploration Society.

N0 2. Expedition

South Pole Expedition (22 November 2022 to 18 December 2022)

The expedition to Antarctica is the culmination of La Grande Percée and will take place in 2 stages:

Stage 1 : Ascent of Mount Vinson (November 22 to December 6)

Stage 2 : Skiing expedition to the South Pole (December 7 to December 18)

Distance : Approximately 75 mi (120 km)

Sled weight : 100 lbs / 43kg

Temperature : -30°F to -65°F (-35°C to -55°C)

Conditions : Extreme cold, crevasses, katabatic winds, sastrugis

Main Challenges : Glacier navigation, changing wind forces, altitude, cold management

Live Expedition Map

N0 3. Expedition – Coming soon

North Pole Expedition (April 3 to 15, 2023)

Extreme temperatures, pressure ridges, open water leads, and polar bears are just some of the challenges encountered during a ski expedition over the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole.

Distance : Approximately 75 mi (120 km)

Sled weight : 100 lbs / 45kg

Temperature : -22°F (-30°C)

Conditions : Cold climate, ice pressure, open water

Key Challenges : Skiing against ice drift, cold management, polar bears