Team & partnership

The team

Tania Saint-Laurent

Social Media and Fitness Coach

Tania has been Seb Audy’s spouse for over ten years. As a fitness coach, osteopath, and culinary chef, she plays an essential role in preparing expeditions. She receives the images and videos of the explorer during the adventures and shares them Social Media in addition of archiving them for the production of the documentary and the edition of the book about La Grande Percée.

Ann Audy

Administration and Logistics

Seb’s sister takes care of the secretarial and accounting operations for the organization. With nearly 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational transformation, she is responsible of the administration of the organization in addition to actively contributing to the search for sponsors.

Michel Audy

Communications and Marketing

Michel is Seb Audy’s uncle. All the information and decisions run through him. Thanks to his remarkable professional background and his commitment to the Centraide cause for more than 20 years, he plays a liaison role with journalists, sponsors, donors and all other people or companies interested in La Grande Percée expeditions to ensure the smooth running of this unprecedented adventure.


Main Sponsor


Our thanks go to our valued sponsors, especially Biztree and its President and CEO, Bruno Goulet. Biztree is a global company, headquartered in Montreal, that develops and markets customizable, out-of-the-box productivity software and business documents. The company’s mission is to give people the means to reach their full potential and joins La Grande Percée as a main sponsor.

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Imédia Firme créative

For more than 25 years, Imédia has actively supported the works of the United Way movement in Quebec. More specifically, since 1995, it has organized the « Déjeuner des média » for the benefit of United Way, a philanthropic event for professionals in communication and marketing.

Imédia offers the experience and support of its graphic design and production services to support la Grande Percée’s expeditions: website, newsletter electronic, social media as well as the organization of events and press relations.

In addition, Mr. Michel Audy, President and Founder of Imédia and recipient of the André Mailhot Centraide Prize, awarded to the volunteer of the year and for his philanthropic contribution, will guide la Grande Percée with regard to communication strategy and marketing.

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Precision Medicine Group

PMG integrates science, technology, clinical trial expertise, and manufacturing services to advance clinical development around the globe—reducing costs, minimizing risks, and accelerating access to life-changing treatments.

Across the commercialization continuum, PMG transforms and leverages evidence and insights to tailor communications for every stakeholder to shift the trajectory and accelerate success.

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Château Laurier Québec hotel

The Château Laurier Québec hotel graciously offered the room for the launch conference of the La Grande Percée expeditions.

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Founded in 1985, Tel-Loc offers a very wide range of products and services in mobile telecommunications. It serves individuals, but also businesses, non-profit organizations, multinationals, governments and Crown corporations.

Tel-Loc provided the satellite phones essential to the smooth running of the La Grande Percée expeditions.

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Centraide / United Way

Centraide Québec, Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent initiated the partnership with the entire Centraide movement in Quebec*. The organization will also host the blog “Social inequalities and climate change”.

All Centraide organizations in Quebec will publish this blog on their website and will directly manage the fundraising (Clicdon module) promoted during La Grande Percée’s expeditions.

Centraide Québec and Centraide Montreal will eventually collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (North Pole expedition) and Quebec City (South Pole expedition) to present the two post-expedition conferences presented by Sébastien Audy. At the same time, there will be virtual broadcasting of these conferences in the regions. The funds raised for these conferences will be added to those raised online during the expeditions and given to the Centraide organizations in the community chosen by donors.

*Centraide Québec will also act as an ambassador to involve United Way Canada.

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