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I must confess that I hesitated a long time before making the decision to join the climate change movement publicly.  Why? Simply because I know that I do not demonstrate perfect environmental consciousness. I was concerned about being criticized by opinion leaders, environmental specialists or simply other Internet users.

I have made significant efforts to reduce my carbon footprint, but I still have imperfections:

  • I drive a hybrid car – I know, I should be targeting an electric car or, even better, no car at all.
  • I primarily use my bike to get to commute, at least before the pandemic. I have occasionally used an Uber to come home after a long 12-hour day.
  • My diet is leaning more and more towards veganism, and I only buy organic products. In this effort I have adopted a gradual approach and I still have a few steps to go
  • I am making sustained efforts to reduce my consumption. However, as the parent of a 6-year-old boy, I find that we have far too many toys.
  • I reuse and recycle. I often worry, however, if recycled materials are really being revalued, most particularly plastics which are such a plague for our oceans.
  • I must occasionally take flights, and the planes are most likely not using sustainable jet fuel since that price is more than double the cheaper option widely used by airlines.

I believe it’s essential for each of us to raise our level of awareness about the impact our personal, individual decisions and our actions have on the environment. Only then can we adjust to take advantage of the most sustainable options available.

Here are some actions you can take today:

  1. Reduce direct emissions by minimizing the use of your car, and by promoting sustainable transport as much as possible, such as cycling or public transport. Buy household appliances that minimize energy consumption by paying attention to how you use the; for example, never leaving them plugged in when not in use.
  2. Put the 3 R’s of sustainability into practice. Reduce: consume less and more efficiently. Reuse: take advantage of second-hand markets to revive objects that you no longer use. Recycle: everything that is recyclable in the area where you live.
  3. Choose a diet that minimizes emissions: reduce your consumption of fish and meat and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Eat local and seasonal foods. Avoid excessive packaging and processed foods as much as possible. (1)


For other ideas, here are some interesting sites:




“ Each action may seem insignificant, like a drop of water in the ocean. But by accumulating enough drops of water, we can fill a lake, a river and why not an ocean? ” Seb Audy

Vote With Your Dollar (#VWYD)


(1) https://www.activesustainability.com/climate-change/6-actions-to-fight-climate-change/