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We are living at a critical turning point in the history of humankind. Never before have we faced a threat as ominous and immediate as climate change. By attuning ourselves to the needs of our irreplaceable Earth, and all of the creatures who live here, we will naturally uncover the best in our own natures.

The main cause of climate change: greenhouse gases (1)

After more than 150 years of industrialization, deforestation and large-scale agriculture, the quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached levels not attained in the last three million years.  As populations, economies, and living standards increase, the cumulative level of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has also increased.

At the moment, there is a well-established scientific consensus around the following:

  • The concentration of GHGs in the Earth’s atmosphere has a direct correlation with the average global temperature on Earth.
  • Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, the concentration of greenhouse gases and the global temperature averages have increased steadily.
  • The most abundant greenhouse gas (two-thirds) is carbon dioxide (CO2), largely produced by burning fossil fuels.

The planet we inhabit is undergoing a profound and disturbing transformation that threatens the survival of humanity and many species. For example, the rise in sea level increases the risk of catastrophic flooding, causes accelerated soil erosion, and will lead to the massive displacement of populations who will see their living environments literally disappear under water.

In addition, severe weather events are likely to become even more intense (hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, forest fires, etc.) threatening infrastructure, agriculture, the quality and quantity of water and several natural ecosystems like coral reefs to name one example. (2)

Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts will be more difficult and costly.

This blog is about sending a message of hope by informing you about promising solutions to the serious challenges that face us. Our purpose is not to flood you with scientific facts, or to instill fear or a sense of helplessness. We can be both practical and optimistic if we work together to confront this problem.

We also hope to spread the word about simple actions that each person can implement by modifying certain lifestyle habits, or by effectively targeting your financial resources. Indeed one of the most effective actions you can take is vote with your dollars. Where you spend and invest your money is a powerful way to vote for a healthier planet.

Vote With Your Dollar (#VWYD)

P.S. I encourage you to read the blog articles about the impact of climate change on poverty. This section of the blog is run by United Way, which is a partner of La Grande Percée. The first article is expected in May 2021.



(1) https://www.un.org/fr/sections/issues-depth/climate-change/index.html

(2) https://eos.org/features/how-will-climate-change-affect-the-united-states-in-decades-to-come